Describing the nittaku rubber series in detail

For those of you who don’t know what Nittaku is and are wondering about it, don’t worry I got you. Nittaku table tennis is basically a Japanese brand which produces high quality products that can be used by players. It was established in the year 1920 and has now crossed over more than a 100 years of existence. The online Nittaku website is the most trusted website for table tennis products. Now that you are up-to-date about the company, let’s know about their amazing nittaku table tennis rubberproduction.

It consists of four different types of rubbers mainly,

nittaku table tennis rubber

  • The G-1 Fastarc series
    • These are known to be the best rubber selling product of all time. This rubbers features are; a 47.5 degree orange sponge, a grip-type topsheet which has wide pips and narrow spacing of pips. The speed and spinning ratings of this product are- 15.00 and 12.50.
  • The S-1 Fastarc series
    • Unlike the G-1 series, they have a 45 degree sponge which is cream in color. The features are, it has a speed-type topsheet with narrow and widely separated pips both. The speed and spinning ratings of this are, 15.25 and 11.75 respectively.
  • The P-1 Fastarc series
    • These rubbers come with a 45 degree sponge which has a lemon-ish color. The speed and spinning ratings of P-1 series are, 15.50 and 12.25.
  • The C-1 Fastarc series
    • This is the last one in the series and is similar to the S-1 Fastarc. It is cream in color and the speed and spinning ratings of this are, 15.25 and 12.25.